Group News

August 2021

Introduction of postgraduate enrollment of intelligent biomaterials and application team in xidian university Institute of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology.

June 2021

Three good and three graduation seasons | Intelligent biomaterials and application teams hold a farewell party for graduates

May 2021

Xidian students won the first prize in the final of Xi 'an Division of China-US Youth Maker Competition Xidian university and Zhejiang Persimmon New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. established the "Joint Laboratory of Solar Energy Technology and System"

December 2020

Professor Baolin Peng, an expert in the field of ferroelectricity and Nanoenergy Research Center of Guangxi University, was invited to give an excellent report! Three good three you team award ceremony!

October 2020

The inauguration ceremony of the Joint Laboratory of Bio-intelligent Manufacturing was held grandly

Augest 2020

International Conference on Advanced Materials for Energy and Information Technology(AMEIT2020)was successfully held at Xidian University!

September 2019

Professor Kishore Bhakoo is making an academic report titled "Stem Cell Imaging - Bench to Bedside - a 15 Year Journey"!

May 2019

Prof. Zhiming Wang, dean of the institute of foundation and frontier research, uestc, was invited by the school to exchange ideas! Prof. Steven Dunn, head of the department of chemical engineering at the university of London south bank, was invited!

March 2019

Professor Malcolm d. e. Forbes of bowling green state university came to visit the university!

November 2018

Prof.Feng Luo is visiting our school. Welcome!

October 2018

Welcome Prof. John a. Rogers, academician of three American institutes, visited school to conduct academic exchanges! Prof. Yang gave the "long march lecture" entitled "successful university life healthy, colorful and fruitful" to over 400 undergraduates.

July 2018

Academician Zhonglin Wang, honorary President of the school of materials, was awarded the Energy Frontiers prize!

April 2018

The school leaders had a discussion with Prof. Yang, a full-time imported talent of our school!

December 2017

Prof. Jianlin Zhang is visiting our group. Welcome!

October 2017

Dr. Yang was a recent winner of the 2017 Nano Energy Award and gave a plenary presentation during the 3rd International Conference on Nanoenergy and Nanosystems 2017 (NENS2017). Congratulations!

July 2017

Kenny Harsono received Undergraduate Research Scholarship (URS). Congratulations!

May 2017

Vu Nguyen passed his Ph.D. defense. Congratulations!

March 2017

Prof. Haiwu Zheng is visiting our group. Welcome!

April 2017

Vu Nguyen gave an oral presentation at the 2017 MRS Spring Meeting. Congratulations! Dr. Haiwu Zheng gave a poster presentation at the 2017 MRS Spring Meeting. Congratulations! Dr. Yang gave a tutorial at the 2017 MRS Spring Meeting. Congratulations!

March 2017

Prof. Haiwu Zheng is visiting our group. Welcome!

November 2016

Vu Nguyen and Kory Jenkins were among the finalists of the Dow Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge Award (SISCA). They presented on December 6 their project, Bio-Inspired Peptide with Controlled Microstructures for Piezoelectric Devices. Congratulations to Vu and Kory! Vu Nguyen, Ren Zhu, and Kory Jenkins published an important work of peptided-based energy harvesters in Nature Communications. Congratulations to Vu, Ren, and Kory!

June 2016

Dr. Yang gave an invited talk at the 3rd International conference on nanogenerators and piezotronics in Rome, Italy. Congratulations to all!

June 2016

Dr. Yang gave an invited talk on our recent finding of piezoelectric peptides at the 229 The Electrochemical Society (ECS) meeting in San Diego, CA. Congratulations to all!

June 2016

Ms. Kayla Bohlke joined our group as an undergraduate student. Welcome!

March 2016

Mr. Alexander Jurcoi joined our group as an undergraduate student. Welcome!

December 2015

Ren, and Kory's paper "Degradation and nano-patterning of ferroelectric P(VDF-TrFE) thin films with electron irradiation" was published by the RSC Advances, Congratulations to Ren and Kory!

December 2015

Prof. Huimin Hao joined our our group as a visiting scientist. Welcome!

October 2015

Kory, Vu, and Ren's paper "Piezotronic effect: An emerging mechanism for sensing applications" was published by the Sensors, Congratulations to Kory, Vu and Ren!

September 2015

Kory and Ren's paper "Epitaxial growth of vertically aligned piezoelectric diphenylalanine peptide microrods with uniform polarization" was published by the Nano Energy, Congratulations to Vu and Kory!

May 2015

Ren Zhu passed his PhD denfense. Congratulations!

May 2015

Vu and Ren's paper "Environmental effects on nanogenerators" was published by the Nano Energy, Congratulations to Vu and Ren!

March 2015

Our paper "Enhanced ferroelectric-nanocrystal-based hybrid photocatalysis by ultrasonic-wave-generated piezophototronic effect" was published by the Nano Letters, Congratulations to all!

August 2014

Lab Talk: Decoupling the piezotronic effect from the piezoresistive

April 2014

Dr. Rusen Yang won 3M Nontenured Faculty Award. Congratulations! Congratulations to Ren Zhu receiving 2014-2015 Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships!

October 2013

Wengui Zhang passed his MS Defense. Congratulation!

September 2013

Welcome Kory Jenkins joining our group!

September 2012

Welcome Vu Nguyen joining our group!

February 2012

Dr. Rusen Yang won NSF CAREER Award. Congratulations!

September 2010

Welcome Ren Zhu and Wengui Zhang joining our group!